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Glassdoor offers an innovative approach to the traditional hiring/recruiting app design: using the real reviews from former employees to help match potential hires to a job that works for them. By flipping the script and putting power in the hands of those looking for a job, Glassdoor has created a compelling alternative to more traditional hiring sites. For people looking for new jobs, it gives them a more balanced perspective of what they can expect from prospective employers. And for companies, it provides insight into their operations that goes beyond what HR can provide.

The primary advantage that Glassdoor offers for its users is its level of transparency. While user reviews can give you some perspective into how a company operates, you'll also find information on the approval ratings of CEOs and detailed information on workplace habits. Glassdoor even classifies businesses according to a number of different picture, so you can figure out the general values of a company with just a glance.

Importantly, much of this information is directly actionable. Salary data is included for most major companies, putting prospective employees in a better position to negotiate their salary and to prevent new hires from getting undervalued for their efforts. You'll also find information on what sort of interview questions a specific company's hiring managers use as well as the types of answers they're looking for. That makes Glassdoor more than just a valuable tool for assessing a company's value. It also makes it easier to get a job once you settle on a company that matches your needs. Glassdoor understands that users might not understand their value fully, and that's why they include a "Know Your Worth" tool which plots your existing salary and experience level against the averages in your field and helps you determine if it's time to make a move to a new company.

Naturally, Glassdoor's services can pivot towards actually finding a job if that's what you're looking for. Doing searches for companies one by one is a sensible choice, but there's also a job search tool that can help you focus in on the jobs that matter most to you. Smart filtering options help you sift through millions of different job offers. Combined with Glassdoor's customer-driven reviews, that leaves you well-equipped to take the lead in your job hunt.

There are a decent amount of tools available for automating the job search as well. You can set keywords and specific filters that apply to the sort of jobs you're looking for, and Glassdoor will automatically send you push notifications when there are job openings that match their critera. While Glassdoor may have simply started as a tool for rating companies, it's since become a fully-featured job hunt tool. And it's one of the few that helps shift the balance of power in favor of the interviewee rather than the hiring manager.


  • Incredibly dense information on company habits
  • Accurate tool for determining your value
  • Push notifications for promising job offers


  • Company reviews aren't thoroughly screened
  • Some users have issue with the mobile app crashing
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